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Haljas Hele 3-Person Glass Mini Outdoor Sauna

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Haljas takes great pride in designing buildings that ignite a sense of individuality. Among their remarkable creations, the Hele Glass Mini stands out as the smallest addition to the esteemed Hele Glass series. This particular sauna is meticulously crafted to provide a compact solution, perfect for installation on a terrace or balcony, comfortably accommodating 2-3 people.


The Light Glass Mini has been thoughtfully engineered to complement a wall-mount electric sauna heater, which can be acquired separately. With its clever design and attention to detail, this sauna ensures a delightful and rejuvenating experience within a limited space, without compromising on the luxurious ambiance that Haljas is known for.


Unit is sold and shipped fully assembled.



  • Fully Assembled
  • Fits up to 3 people
  • Compact sauna solution for terrace or balconies
  • Designed for use with 9kW, wall-mount, electric sauna heaters
  • Interior available in Aspen or Thermo-Alder
  • Exterior structure made of CLT panels and glulam posts
  • Surround is double glazed mirrorglass
  • LED IP-65 strips for interior and exterior lighting
  • Designed and crafted in Estonia
  • Dimensions: 7' 6-1/2"L x 5' 10-13/16"W x 8' 2-3/8"H
  • 2 year residential warranty, 6 month commercial warranty



  • Fully assembled unit
  • Upper bench
  • Lower bench
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • 2 year warranty
  • Product Manual



Model Hele Glass Mini
Exterior Length 7' 6-1/2"
Exterior Width 5' 10-13/16"
Exterior Height 8' 2-3/8"
Weight 1500 lbs
Interior Materials Aspen or Thermo-Alder
Exterior Materials Double Glazed Mirrorglass
Ventilation Mechanical
Recommended Heater 9kW Wall-Mount


About Haljas

Haljas is a renowned architectural firm dedicated to crafting exceptional buildings and structures that embody the essence of uniqueness and innovation. With a commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining traditional design principles, Haljas has garnered a reputation for its visionary approach and impeccable craftsmanship.


With a team of talented architects, designers, and engineers, Haljas consistently strives to create extraordinary spaces that not only captivate the eye but also enhance the lives of those who interact with them. Their dedication to incorporating innovative technologies, eco-friendly practices, and thoughtful design elements sets them apart as leaders in the architectural industry.


At Haljas, each project is approached with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect is carefully considered and executed to perfection. By understanding the unique needs and aspirations of their clients, Haljas crafts bespoke solutions that embody their vision and surpass expectations.


Whether it's a residential sanctuary, a commercial marvel, or an awe-inspiring public structure, Haljas has proven time and again their ability to bring dreams to life through their transformative designs. By seamlessly blending aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, they create spaces that inspire, uplift, and stand the test of time.




The warranty for Haljas Houses products’ material and manufacturing defects applies for 24 months.


The warranty applies on the prerequisite that the product is being used and cared for according to the manufacturers’ manuals.


Attention! In case of commercial use, the warranty applies for 6 months.



  • The warranty does not cover naturally occurring and expected characteristics of wood materials (differences in wood grain, knots, slight variations in tone) and phenomena that occur naturally during use of the product (shrinkage and expansion due to temperature and humidity, moderate deformation).
  • The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear that occurs during the intended use of the product.
  • The warranty does not cover man-made injuries to the product.
  • The warranty does not cover injuries or defects caused by the use of wrong cleaning compounds or methods.
  • The warranty does not cover indirect costs such as reconstruction or a removal of a terrace beneath the sauna.
  • In case of any issues concerning the warranty please contact the manufacturer or distributor immediately.
  • The warranty will be broken in case of an independent fixing of the product.


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Items must be returned within 30 days of delivery to be eligible for a refund. Please note that returns received without a return authorization number will not be refunded.