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Finlandia Club Series 12.5KW Sauna Heater

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Staying true to its deep Finnish heritage, the Finlandia Club Series 12.5KW Sauna Heater provides an authentic sauna experience for bathers. With its intense yet pleasant heat, this electric sauna heater is perfect for homes, health clubs, hotels, and day spas. Combining modern craftsmanship with the traditional Finnish sauna bathing tradition, the Finlandia K12.5G is unparalleled in its performance, safety, and efficiency. Its large rock capacity and durable stainless-steel components ensure consistent and even heat flow, while being corrosion-resistant for long-term use.


This sauna heater, made in Finland, is UL Listed in the USA and has a power rating of 12.5 kilowatts. Choose from 240V, single-phase or 208V, three-phase options to best suit your needs. It requires a control for operation, which can be purchased separately. For commercial use, the sauna heater can run 24 hours a day with the appropriate controls.



  • K12.5G sauna heater 19-7/8"w X 17"d X 27-1/2"h
  • 135 lbs Peridotite stones
  • Installation and operation manual
  • Limited warranty



  • 240V/1PH Operation with CX45 or F2T control with FX404 contactor
  • 208V/3PH Operation with CX45 control or F2T control with FX503 contactor
  • 24-Hour Operation with CX45 control and 24H7D time clock or F2 control with respective contactor and 24H7D time clock
  • Deluxe stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Multi-layer construction for cooler surface temperature and greater safety
  • Rocks have direct contact with electric elements to filter harsh heat
  • Manual F2T or F2 or Digital Xenio CX30 control
  • Contactor/Power unit required
  • Optional 24-Hour time clock
  • ETL certified



Model K12.5G
Kilowatt Rating 12.6KW
Cubic Feet
Minimum 494 CF
Maximum 742 CF
Heater Weight 60 lbs
Shipping Weight with Sauna Stones 192 lbs
Nominal Amperage
240V, Single Phase 52.7 Amps
208V, 3-Phase 34.1 Amps
Recommended Minimum Copper Wire Supply
240V, Single Phase 4 AWG
208V, 3-Phase 8 AWG
Width in Inches 19-7/8"
Depth in Inches 17"
Height in Inches 27-1/2"




This FINLANDIA SAUNA heater is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase and includes all heater parts such as heating elements, controls, contactors, etc. This guarantee covers faults in manufacture and material only and includes the exchange of new parts supplied by the manufacturer or manufacturer’s agent after the faulty part has been returned to the same. The replacement of parts under warranty does not extend the warranty period beyond the original one year.


The guarantee does not cover defects caused by normal wear and tear, defects caused by improper installation, poor maintenance, or failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, use, and care, or alterations made to the Sauna product. This guarantee is void if the heater is used improperly. Pool or spa water should not be poured over the Sauna stones, as chemicals are harmful to the heater. The Sauna room must be heated for at least 30 minutes before water is poured over the stones, and only one or two dippers full of water should be poured over the hot stones at one time. This guarantee will be void if a shower has been installed in the Sauna room.


This guarantee does not cover the delivery cost of the faulty part or costs of the person carrying out the repair in the field. If the Sauna heater is returned to the manufacturer or manufacturer’s agent in Portland, Oregon, within five years after the date of purchase, the agent will provide free labor for repair but will charge for parts if the date of purchase is past one year.


This guarantee will be void if installation and wiring are not carried out by a certified electrician or authorized and qualified service representative.



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