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Palram - Canopia Ledro Enclosed Gazebo

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Customer Reviews

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Palram Ledro!

I just started using my Ledro Gazebo and its incredible. It has a feel of being inside but also outside at the same time because of all the windows. I also thought the install process was pretty seamless. I recommend!

The Ledro offers a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living. With its enclosed gazebo design, it creates a stunning additional space where you can enjoy the beauty of nature while staying comfortable indoors. Whether you use it for dining, as a sunroom, for hosting small gatherings, as a garden office, or even as a covered outdoor spa, the Ledro is versatile and perfect for year-round enjoyment. It's a valuable addition to your home, allowing you to create a personalized oasis that suits your needs. Easy to assemble, you'll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy your new space after a weekend of setup.


  • Highly durable, elegant enclosed gazebo kit
  • Firm, rust-resistant, reinforced aluminum structure, engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Twin-wall bronze tinted polycarbonate roofing; does not turn yellow or become brittle.
  • Proprietary screw-free glazing assembly system, specially developed to prevent rain/dew leaks
  • Large sliding doors allow enjoying the Ledro as a half-open Gazebo or a multi-purpose intimate enclosed gazebo.
  • Enclosed gazebo ideas fulfill many indoor purposes in the heart of your garden, any season: resting area, reading room, BB, canopy, garden office, party lounge, spa cabin…
  • 100% protection from harmful sun rays (UV) allows endless recreation time outdoor
  • Maintenance-free and built-to-last thanks to outstandingly durable materials
  • Made with 100% recyclable components



  • Ventilation:

    • Elegant top vent detail allows air flow and smoke relief
  • Gutter & gutter heads:

    • Integrated gutter heads allow water collection
  • Lockable doors:

    • Two wide double sliding doors, can be assembled on either of the four sides for ideal air flow and passage
    • Master key for lockable doors included
  • Aluminum Structure:

    • Granulated anthracite powder-coated frame made of heavy-duty aluminum profiles and laser-cut galvanized steel connectors
    • Provides a highly durable, rust-resistant, and extra rigid structure
    • Simple 2 person DIY assembly with sliding panels assembly system
    • Ready to assemble pre-drilled profiles; all screws included
  • Polycarbonate roof panels:

    • Virtually unbreakable, 16 mm multi-wall polycarbonate roof panels
    • Treated bronze glazing transmits natural sunlight on overcast cloudy days yet provides sufficient shading
    • Maintain their integrity, provide complete UV blockage, and are 100% UV protected; they do not discolor, fracture or become brittle over time
    • Ready to assemble pre-cut panels
    • Sliding panels assembly system for safe and simple installation



Ledro 10x10

A Length 295cm 9'8ft
B Width 295cm 9'8ft
C Height 276cm 9'1ft
D Door width 121cm 4'ft
E Door height 203cm 6'8ft


Ledro 10x14

A Length 430cm 14'1"ft
B Width 295.5cm 9'8"ft
C Height 274.5cm 9'ft


Ledro 12x12

A Length 360cm 11'10ft
B Width 360cm 11'10ft
C Height 295cm 9'8ft
D Door width 121cm 4'ft
E Door height 203cm 6'8ft





About Palram - Canopia

PALRAM, with its roots dating back to the mid-1960s, emerged as a prominent player in the era of rising plastic usage. Today, after over 50 years of relentless research and groundbreaking innovation, PALRAM stands at the forefront of the thermoplastic industry. Their products, designed to withstand the demands of industrial and heavy construction projects, have proven their durability over time. As part of the PALRAM Group, Palram - Canopia leverages the excellence of polycarbonate and acrylic panels to create a diverse range of DIY Garden Structures. By utilizing these state-of-the-art materials, Palram - Canopia empowers homeowners to enhance their living spaces with high-quality, long-lasting solutions. Going beyond being a premier producer of top-notch plastics, Palram - Canopia takes pride in being dedicated designers and providers of meticulously crafted outdoor solutions. In simpler terms, they are dream fulfillers.


Whether you aspire to cultivate your own roses or grow zucchini, add an elegant gazebo to your yard, create a year-round haven on your patio, protect your vehicle from the elements, or consolidate your scattered belongings in a secure shed, Palram - Canopia is here to guide you every step of the way. Their extensive range of reliable, easy-to-assemble DIY outdoor structures is unmatched in the world.


Committed to delivering exceptional customer service, Palram - Canopia has established a vast international network of locally-based distributors. These distributors take pride in providing expert guidance to their respective markets, addressing queries of any scale and embracing ambitious dreams. The company was founded on the principle of identifying and fulfilling customer needs and desires. Therefore, they encourage you to share your own aspirations by clicking here.


In a nutshell, Palram - Canopia is a devoted designer and provider of meticulously crafted outdoor solutions. Their products, constructed from ultra-durable materials, are tastefully designed to enrich any home. They truly embody the essence of dream fulfillers.


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